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Page history last edited by Dawn 6 days, 18 hours ago

Session 0


"It's like fish eggs. It's like that. A whole fish amount." - Gunny


Session  1


"Let's not count our strange demon things before they've hatched." - Gunny


"I have Melee so I can be a disappointment to my parents." - Kai/Astrid


"They're the kind of jokes made by someone who is a constant disappointment." - Kai, regarding Tamara


Session 2


"Everyone knows most artifacts come from thrift stores." - Kai


"So the question is if he's just being koi?" - Mathew


Session 3


"Do you know about magic?" - Tamara

"Like magic tricks?" - Naomi

"No, like real wizard shit." - Tamara


"I don't actually teach any classes - I'm a horse." - The Redmond High Mustang


“Oh, and if there’s oxygen.” - Astrid


“You had such promise, and now you’re a hippie.” - GM


Session 4


"I misheard 'aura reading' and 'R rating.'" - Kai


"Oh god I just realized that I/Hugo might own some JNCOs." - Carrie


"So are we following the pipe?" - Jeremy

"Isn't that what you've been doing your whole life"? - Carrie 


Session 5


"You may notice your body is going through some changes" - Kai, regarding instructions to potential Garou


"Did you just say 'GarUwU'." - Carrie


"I would like to do a bit of reconstructive spelunking to get out of here." - Carrie


"I got three successes to communicate with Weird Owl Yankovic


"No, I'm going to share joy for a price." - Mathew


Session 6

"I speak Mercer Island." - Tamara


(Tamara, having an asthma attack.)

"I need my inhaler. Or a cigarette." - Tamara


"No me gusta ... no te gusta?" - Jeremy

"Don't eat me?" - Dawn


"Do you ever get so drunk that you don't feel connected to your body?" - Some woman

"Only every day." - Tamara


"Something something 'blaze that quintessence' something." - Carrie


Session 7


"We're gonna do this anyway, so you can help or..." - Kelsey


"Where are we going to get that much thermite?" - Hugo

"I'm not talking about explosives." - Astrid

"Oh, no, this is a melting operation." - Hugo


"Would it help if the bus was actually stolen?" - Franky


"It's a spicy bus." - Carrie


"I was put on this Earth to keep Tamara from fucking vampires." - Kai


"You're in Poodle Town." - Kai

"I'm in Poodle Town." - Carrie


"There aren't a ton of people out and about, but there are probably more than should be when a giant poodle is on the loose." - Dawn


"We have two teams. Team Magic Brain Scan, and Team Axe." - Dawn


"I want him to know that I know how to skin a human being." - Kai 


“Because people here have been project managers and you know how hard it is to keep a conspiracy.” - GM


“We aren’t using quarters, we have Hugo.” - Frankie


After seeing a 5-story tall pink poodle.

Is that normal out here? I don’t think that’s normal out here.” - Hugo

“I don’t think so? I don’t think so.” - Gunny


“You just lump them together. You three are Jesus, you three are the Holy Ghost. It’s their government issued fursonas.” - Gunny explaining how to convert Norse prayers to Christian prayers


Session 8


"Be not afraid." - Everyone


"We're going to open the door but keep in mind I know where all your bones are." - Astrid


"Awoooo/Vampires of Yak'ma" - Carrie


Session 9


"I could make a sinkhole." - Carrie

"Like, collapse the road?" - Jeremy

"Creative spelunking!" - Kelsey


"I go into the horse trailer and I stab anything that isn't a Disney princess or my mom." - Frankie


Session 10


"Oops, all poison." - Kelsey and Kai


“Do we kidnap the King of France and perform dark rituals on him?” - Tamara


“Maybe the better option is to find locals?” - Tamara

“Hot new Tremere in your area.” - Carrie


“So what do we want out of les poisson?” - Tamara, referring to La Voisin


“Or, I could do drugs about it.” - Kai, imitating Tamara


Session 11


"Tamara, are you too 'magical' to drive today?" - Hugo


"The best deer carcasses are way off the beaten path." - Kai


"He's cottage-core. Super cottage-core. But bone-cottage-core. I don't know if that's a thing, but is now because I made it up." - Dawn


"New information: I don't think I'm dead." - Seamus


Session 12


“That term hasn’t even been invented yet, but okay.” - Tamara


"Is it kosher?" - Astrid

"I thought Catholics were halal." - Tamara


“I’m pretty sure the Blood of Christ is not Halal.” - GM


“I’m not a Christian at all.” - Astrid

“Oh, you poor thing. Can I pray for you?” - Tamara

“I will kick you in the cooch.” - Astrid


Twilight is a better romance than Lolita.” - Jeremy


“I mean, maybe they have the family plot in the upstairs bedroom.” - GM

“No. That’s not legal.” - Kai


“Right, the conversation the whole way home from Bellingham about lapdances and souls.” - GM


Session 13


“We have a 420 in progress on 69th avenue… it’s really going down…” - Kai as Tamara into a police walkie talkie


Session 14


"Oh, fuck those fucking fuckers." - Astrid, regarding the hunters


"She's on medication sometimes..." - Gunny, regarding Tamara's weirdness


Session 15


"This is not a trip I am letting you take!" - Hugo to Tamara, refusing to let her lick the science. 


"Anti-Magic Murder Robot" - Carrie, singing


"From the people who brought you Goldfish." - Dawn


"It's 10 am tomorrow ..." - marina staff guy

"It's pronounced Tamara." - Tamara


"I think you should call him tomorrow." - Astrid

"It's pronounced Tamara." - GM

(That's what we call a callback, kids!)


Session 16


"There is a part of Tamara that wants to climb him like a monkey." - Jeremy


"I know what you're thinking and so does Jesus." - Kelsey, regarding Astrid hearing Tamara's thoughts


Session 17


King of Madness: Are you more actors for my play?

Gunny: More like cavalry. 

King: I did not cast cavalry. 

Gunny: How about OSHA?

King: What is OSHA?

Tamara: An... acronym?


Session 18


"There's there's the Fuckers List and there's the Fuckers List, depending on whether it's Tamara's or not." - Kai


Session 19


"Finally being an orphan has paid off." - Astrid


"I'm not usually on this end of things. I'm more of a psychic top. That came out wrong." - Tamara


Session 20


Astrid: We're going to have to search the whole bridge. It's a big bridge. 

Tamara: I've had bigger. 


Astrid: I thoroughly regret this mental link. 


Session 21


"What if Tamara goes unconscious? Or lost at sea?" - Kai, prophetically


"Tamara is kinda high functioning." - Kai

"Bah-dum-tish." - Kelsey


"Maybe take half as many drugs?" - Gunny, after Tamara is told by a ghost to take better care of herself

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